Time to say : See You or Good Bye?

Are the two words different?
In my opinion, Yes they have difference meaning
What’s the difference between “See You” and “Good Bye
*in this case , ‘you’=somebody, situation, place, our past, moment and so on*

See You
when I say “See You”, it means I wish someday I’ll see it again, get it back.This is not the last, it just separated temporary.The point is, There is Hope

Good Bye
When I say “Good Bye”, it means I’m ready to leave it and not expected to meet again or get it back. Essentially I’ve let it go out of my life forever >,<
Just another story….

For nearly year, I kept saying “See You”  to a matter that should I say  “Good Bye”
Still hopeful, still believe that miracle will come and courage to faced the impossiblelity.
But as time passes, I guess I was wrong >,<
I should have said “Good Bye” from the beginning, do not have to wait till it’s too late.
But that’s okay, all have done ^^
I believe that nothing is in vain if we did it well and whole-hearted

Now, it’s time to start properly
This is the right time to say “Good Bye”
Not easy , but I have to do it.
For the last time, I’ll shake the hand and say

“Thanx you for everything,all sweet and bitter memories, I have never regretted it all happend. But i kow it’s just a past, my past is not a place to stay in but to learn. A year is long anough to stop my pace and lost in the past.Just Seen everyone around me struggle to reach their hope and dream,not all of them succeed, but at least they are brave enough to face their life. and what about me? I just keep stay in my comfort zone, my past. Okay it’s the time for me to begin, leave my past, out of the comfort zone and reach my future and finally I cant say See you anymore, I must say Good Bye to you >,< “

*and then left in tears, but with a hope of finding better someday*

This is life, every one has to fight for his own life
You’ve made decision for your life…one of them is chosen to say “See You” or “Good Bye”

NB: I’ve never posting using English before, cause my english is so bad >.<
So, please understand if there are many wrong word or incorrect grammar


8 thoughts on “Time to say : See You or Good Bye?

  1. time to movin’ on? ^^
    semoga dapet yg lebih baik deeeeeh *tp ga lebih baek dr yg aku dapetin jg dooong pastinya =)))))) hehehehe, kidding, dear ^^*

    • wakakkaka…
      yups…sudah waktunya….eh kurang 2 hari lagi dink klo dari hari ini….
      okeh…we’ll see the end hohohooh….
      *barengan aja yuks nyarinya :D*

  2. ehm….sebelumnyaaaa, biarkan saya melakukan ini membayangkan sebuah kronologis adegan terlebih dahulu

    #adegan 1
    seorang wanita muda cantik cerdas lincah dan bersahaja dipegang tangannya oleh temannya
    Wanita: “Lepasin tanganku…”
    Temannya: *menahan si wanita*
    Wanita: “Udah lepasin”
    Temannya: *masi kekeuh megang*
    *adegan tarik-menarik*

    #adegan 2
    Si wanita muda cantik cerdas lincah dan bersahaja itu akhirnya berhasil melepaskan diri dari temannya demi untuk melakukan suatu hal…
    Dia menyiramkan air pada seorang pria yang pantas menerima lebih dari siraman air tepat depan mukanya.

    #adegan 3
    Wanita itu pergi meninggalkan tempat dgn hati lapang.
    Goodbye, jerk!

    • haihhh …apa ini?–>Si wanita muda cantik cerdas lincah dan bersahaja
      wakakakkak…itu kronologis kejadianmu pinky?
      hahahahha…..i know..i know…
      masih berobsesi melakukan itu toh?
      hem..jadi resolusi 2011 aja pinky hahahhahahaha :p

  3. Been there ^^, first of all from move forward steps that you have to do is make peace with yourself. You is your best friend, best place after God to come home and rely on.

    It takes time and it has to, because everything needs a process. Don’t worry, you’re not alone at all (lirik popo dan pinkih :lol:).

    “The show was completely preposterous. But that aside, it’s a great ride” -wentworth miller-

    And undoubted, he’s right ^^

    • arigatoooo pit….
      haih…cuma ke mbak olip sama pinky doang neh ngeliriknya wakaak…..

      yups…everything need process….
      trying to be strong to passes it..

      Pelangi itu kan munculnya setelah hujan…

      Semoga tetap bersabar pas lagi hujan.
      Sampai akhirnya nanti bisa melihat indahnya pelangi *udah pujangga banget belum seh? :p *

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