My Future

weird Suddenly i feel so worried about my future.
The situation happened around me, or trouble happened in me.
All thing are look lose control,
Each plan was arranged,not make it clearly,but so blur.
Each thing that so nice in my head being horribly monster, so weird ^^

I wanna handle all the thing perfectly but in a fact i just a looser that can not handle even it just my self >,<

I heard a song that I ever heard before,
And I wish I can sing this song, like a song from my heart for God who created me ^^

This is song lyric’s

I Surrender

Lord I know you see this fear in my heart of what my future holds
I feel you softly ask if I can trust You more and give you control,
so I kneel before you now and I offer everything
Come and be the Lord of all, all I am or ever hope to beI’ve been living for myself, and now I want to live for You alone
Come and help me when I’m weak, and when my path seems so unknown
You will be beside me still, I know You want what’s best for me
So when I want to take control, Lord please come and help my unbeliefI surrender, I surrender to the One Who loves me more than life
I surrender, I surrender here is my heart I open it wide-
to the One Who cannot be unfaithful
I now offer You all that I amI surrender, I surrender from this day on I’ll be in Your hands.


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